Is it possible to fall in love with someone you have never physically met? Is it possible to have so much in common with someone that lives thousands of miles away? Am I silly to think there could be a future with this human?


Fitness Journey

Hey all! I’ve started my fitness journey and it’s going great! I wake my ass up super early to get my workout on and even when I don’t want to get out of my nice comfy cozy bed, I drag myself out and get ready to sweat! This is my second week and I’m already seeing results! I feel so good after working out, getting all sweaty and sore places I didn’t even know existed on my body, but it’s a good sore and I kind of crave that now.. I wanted to share my progress, feel free to follow me along my journey, if you are on IG you can follow me @jodisfitjourney
I’m super excited to continue on my new journey all about ME, being a better person, being healthier, being happier, learning to just let things go, not stress over anybody or anything and it’s truly amazing how happy I am now- I Love My Life!