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I’ve Been…

I’ve been hurt, I’ve been broken, I’ve been devastated, I’ve been broken hearted, but no matter what I’ve alway bounced back..

At times it may have taken me longer than it had before, but when you allow yourself to step outside of the issue and see it for what it truly is, it makes it that much easier to rebuild yourself and put yourself back together the way YOU want. I refuse to let my hurt and my brokenness control my life anymore. I’m too good of a person to allow that..

This last bought of brokenness has truly made me learn who I am and what I want for ME. I LOVE the person I am becoming and that’s because I am fighting my ass off to become her. Sure I have set backs and bumps in the road, but I refuse to let that define me and stop me. When you give up you are allowing yourself failure and failure is something that is not in my vocabulary!

I’m on a pretty awesome journey and finding the confidence and love for myself that I have lacked for many many years. If you want to follow my journey you can, I’m on Instagram @jodisfitjourney I love helping people and if I can inspire or help change just one person then I know I am doing my job! I want to see everyone succeed!


PiYo After Pumpkin

Gaining weight around the holidays happens, but it doesn’t have to. ———————————————–

If you do however overdo it this coming Thanksgiving, have no fear. My friend @rachels_journey and I are hosting a 3 week challenge starting December 1st, called PiYo After Pumpkins. ———————————————————————–

You can lose those few Thanksgiving pounds and then some to impress the fam or that special someone just in time for Christmas and or New Years. —————————————————————————-

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