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Is it possible to fall in love with someone you have never physically met? Is it possible to have so much in common with someone that lives thousands of miles away? Am I silly to think there could be a future with this human?

He is Missed!

The sad realization that I am still in love with you has finally hit.. Sure, I date and meet people, but at the end of it all, is when I sit back and realize they are nothing compared to what you are/mean to me!

I have grown leaps and bound since I was with you. But still, I don’t show you that side of me. I show you the weak, unhappy me. Why is that? I may never know. I was crushed when I did not hear from you on my Birthday, but then I think of the ugly person I was the last time we spoke.

I feel you are wrong for hiding a relationship and you feel it’s none of my business. We will always agree to disagree that’s just how we are..

I will think of you always my love!

Good bye!



Thinking Out Loud! 

It’s been so cool being able to talk to you and be open. 
Yeah, this friendship as u call it lol has definitely changed. I don’t know how i fully feel about that just yet. BUT, I do know I need u in my life in one way or the other… 

This way seems to work better… For both of us! I am sorry that I let the old emotion show yesterday- maybe a part of me really does still have us in my heart so I let it hurt me… 

I’m truly trying to change. I don’t want to be that person anymore. I won’t be perfect but I had no confidence when I was with u. I’m finding it now and I love it. 

I have fun in life, daily now! Laughing and being happy is what life is about. I need to work on my bluntness but I don’t like shit sugar coated and I guess I just expect people to be like that with me too. 

Anyway… Happy Saturday!