Blink of an eye

Today was one of those days that I never should have left the house… At one point, I thought I liked change. New things, or old things, just changed around a little. But now I’m realizing I don’t like change. 

We form relationships with people that we don’t even realize are forming. Two souls meet and connect on a spiritual level and become connected, in a sense. And for whatever length of time these two souls are connected they learn off each other. 

Then, one day, that connection is shaddered! These two souls will never connect on that same frequency again. Lives have been changed. Spirits broken. You knew it was coming, but didn’t truly want to believe it.  

That day is today! 💔 



Do you ever feel like ur living the wrong life? Like, I know my spirit is cabable of so much more. Feeling lost with my life- I feel rushed-