Absolutely! 💯



Progress Pic

I figured it was time for a progress pic! I’ve started my journey to becoming a better person mentally and physically! Every day I feel better and better about myself! That being said, not all days are wonderful! I have days that I struggle and just want to lay in bed all day and not do anything.. I have to stop and think to myself “how is that making me a better person” so I get up, workout and have an amazing day!

I enjoy helping others, we all have to start somewhere! If you are ready to take on your new journey, I would love to chat with you! Email me at jodisfitjourney@gmail.com or follow me on Instagram @jodisfitjourney


Random Thoughts

I bet you never thought it was possible. I bet you never thought i had the strength to not contact you. I bet you thought I would cave….

I’ve come close, I miss you more than I ever thought possible. I relive the last time I touched your face or felt your lips or looked in to your eyes… I think back to the last time we were together and so much of that visit I would do different.

But even with all this time apart and all this time with no contact, I still miss you and love you as much as I did then… I see you in my dreams!

But the fact of the matter is, you made your choice. You chose to live a life without me. I hope that has brought you happiness..