Mobb Deep Will ‘Have You Wildin’ Out When You Bump This’

Atlanta Daily World

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In 1999 New York rap duo Mobb Deep unleashed the dark and brooding, ?Quiet Storm,? the first single from their fourth album, ?Murda Muzik.?  Thanks to a rumbling bass line courtesy of the classic Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five  cut ?White Lines,? Havoc crafted one of the most aggressive yet danceable tracks since the days of the Bomb Squad.

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In addition to the opening bar, ?Quiet Storm? sported a hook that made club bouncers twitch: ?Cause it?s the real sh*t, sh*t to make em feel sh*t (the real)/Lump em in the club sh*t, have you wildin out when you bump this/(hip-hop/Drugs to your eardrum, the raw uncut/ Have a nigga OD cause it?s never enough..?

During a performance of the song Mobb Deep spoke with about they manage…

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