It’s funny, when a dude gets out of a relationship “situationship” and quick to holla at you, like hey what’s up, want to chill!?! Nah MF’er I’m not the rebound chick!

After this last “situationship” I was in I am good on dealing with any other man! I don’t have time for the ignoring game, or the I fell asleep game! SAVE IT! We have ALL at one time or another used that same line when we were NOT sleep-

I can honestly say I have no hope for a REAL relationship, it’s sad but now days all people want to do is play with someone’s feeling and emotions and then wonder why people are bitter! I just don’t have patience for that shit-

I’m a hopeless romantic and would love to meet my equal, but I just don’t think that will happen- So, to all the love birds who do have someone real and they aren’t ashamed to show you off, or spend time with you, take you places, introduce you to friends and family, etc… I honestly and whole heartedly am happy for you!

I love seeing two people in love… But just remember, just cos someone else doesn’t have someone doesn’t mean they are jealous or envious of what you have! People can be happy for others to be just that, happy for them!

Love on Lovers 💋


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