Aura Cleansing

My life has been going thru some major changes once again. Often times I find that I am not able to handle all the changes and how to adjust to life without certain people and now having to be in new surroundings.
My sister and I have always been into spirituality and found this amazing store Fantasia Crystals… We took our first class today: Aura Cleansing. It helps to rid your body of negativity, worry and stress and to recharge with positive energy to get you through the upcoming week. We felt the class was very beneficial to help us open up to meditation and to learn how to center ourselves and to be more grounded.
I am pretty optimistic that this will also help me to accept the things that I cannot change and learn to deal with certain people not being in my life anymore and some of the other things that I am currently facing.
I felt like sharing this experience with anyone who reads this. I wish you all a very positive negative free week!



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