My First Blog Post!

Hi World!

This is my very first blog post… Let me introduce myself, my name is Jodi AKA MsLdy.. I have a pretty normal life, three kids that I adore and couldn’t imagine life without.. I work two jobs, but still looking to find my DREAM job!

I  started my weight loss journey with my sister on February 7, 2014.. It has been a small struggle to get going, but once you see the numbers on the scale go down it’s more of an incentive to keep going!  I also signed on to be an Herbalife distributor- At first, I was a little skeptical thinking ahh this won’t work, but believe me it does!! Instagram is another great motivator, it helped me get off my lazy ass and get going with this journey, when I would see other peoples success stories and struggles along the way it helped remind me that they were once like me, and if they can do it so can I.. And so can YOU!! However, it is true.. YOU have to be ready mentally to make the change in order to see the results.

I hope to post weekly about my weight loss journey along with just everyday stuff! Keep checking back, you may just like the things I write about! Have a great week, Loves!