Thank you!

Thank you for teaching me the things I needed to learn to have a loving and lasting relationship!

I know we don’t talk, and I know it’s because of my doing.. Like your post said, sometimes people need to burn bridges in order to move on. I guess that is what has happened here.

I will always love you Ricky! I think about you often and do miss you! I know you are doing fine and living a happy and healthy life.. I wish you noting but the best!

Goodbye Old Friend!




He is Missed!

The sad realization that I am still in love with you has finally hit.. Sure, I date and meet people, but at the end of it all, is when I sit back and realize they are nothing compared to what you are/mean to me!

I have grown leaps and bound since I was with you. But still, I don’t show you that side of me. I show you the weak, unhappy me. Why is that? I may never know. I was crushed when I did not hear from you on my Birthday, but then I think of the ugly person I was the last time we spoke.

I feel you are wrong for hiding a relationship and you feel it’s none of my business. We will always agree to disagree that’s just how we are..

I will think of you always my love!

Good bye!